5 Major Questions to Ask at the Home Inspection?

Before buying a new residential property, it is paramount to conduct a home inspection before you seal the deal and proceed to payment.questions to ask at the home inspectoin
But as necessary as a home inspection is, it is a challenging task that requires you to be conscious, alert, open-minded, and ready to ask the right questions about the home that you are about to acquire. We always recommend accompanying the home inspector through the house and property so you know as much about the home as possible. Remember, this is your investment; you certainly wouldn’t invest several hundred thousand dollars into a stock without knowing as much about it as possible. The same should go for your home.

Listed below are some of the relevant questions that you should be ready to ask both the home inspector and the homeowner at the home inspection.

1. How safe is the electrical system?

Electrical hazards occur frequently in the home as a result of damaged or exposed electrical connections. Hence, you must ask if the electrical system of your new home is well connected and also in concordance with the standards of National Electrical Codes. Your inspector will offer professional advice as to the integrity of the electrical system.

2. What is the situation with the Roof?

Roofs are essential parts of the home, obviously, and unlike some other parts of the home, roofs are not easy to replace, and that is why you can’t afford to overlook the state of the roof. It’s important to know more about the condition of the roof of the home you are about to acquire. Ask if a roof certification will suffice or if the roof needs to be replaced soon. This will determine your requests on the report that’s submitted to the seller.

3. How sound is the home structurally?

The structure of your proposed home is another thing you need to take into cognizance. That means that you have to ask questions concerning the structure of the house, find out if the home has any forms of cracks. If there are cracks, ask if the cracks are vertical, in steps, or horizontal; if they are deep or surface cracks.
The answers to these questions will help you decide if the home is worth purchasing or not.

4. The state of the drainage/plumbing

The influx and outgoing of water in the home is very important. That is why you have to ask questions about the water temperature, piping, drainage, water pressure, and heating.
Check if the home has any internal and external water stains/puddles, If there are any, ask for the causes and ask if they are repairable.

5. Pest damages

Pest invasion in a home can go a long way in destroying the structure of the home and also cause health challenges to the inhabitants of the home. Hence, you have to look out for or ask about pieces of evidence of the pest invasion in the home.

A good thought to keep in mind is to ask how much life everything has in it. How much longer the HVAC system will last and appliances. While the inspector can’t be certain, he or she can offer an estimate. Take that figure and divide it out over several months to determine how much you should save when the item wears out. By the time you need a new one, you’ve save the money for it.

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A home inspection is one of the factors that will determine if you should acquire your proposed home or start hunting for another home. So, you must take it seriously, and make sure you ask the necessary questions to avoid regrets in the future.

Working in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area for years I’ve collected a few very reliable and honest home inspection companies. Give me a call for advice or how to find a great home inspector.

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