Albuquerque Home Buyer

Albuquerque Home BuyersWhether you are a first-time Albuquerque home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, the process is the same.  Being an Albuquerque home buyer is an exciting adventure regardless of your real estate experience. Working with a knowledgeable and well-qualified Albuquerque REALTOR® should be one of your high priorities and a significant first step.  A professional New Mexico real estate broker and REALTOR® representing you can help eliminate stress, confusion, and costly mistakes.  As an Albuquerque home buyer, you should also know that working with a New Mexico real estate broker, in most cases, is not a direct cost to you.  So how does that work, you may ask?  It’s simple, the seller’s real estate broker collects a fee or commission to list and market the seller’s home; that fee is then shared with your Albuquerque area REALTOR® per agreement via the MLS (Mulitple Listing Service).  So, do yourself a huge favor as an Albuquerque home buyer and use a REALTOR®.  Remember, if you do contact the broker that listed the property, you could be putting your best financial interest as an Albuquerque home buyer at risk.

Albuquerque Home Buyer, It’s All About You!

Here at Albuquerque Homes Realty and, we know and believe it is all about you!  So, part of the process is truly getting to know you.  We need to understand your specific wants, needs, and financial abilities.  We will have some very targeted conversations about your real estate objectives and how best to attain them. The more information you provide us, the more targeted we can be.

Best Next Steps for an Albuquerque Home Buyer

  1. How much of a mortgage loan do you qualify for?  We can help connect you with a proven local mortgage professional that can source and best match a home loan for your budget and needs. You may qualify for a VA loan, or an FHA scenario may be best.  For others, a Conventional Loan may be the answer.  There may be grants for first-time buyers or adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) for prospective investors.   Mortgage lenders must check your credit and validate your income, debt, and other financial obligations.  Tax returns are typically provided as well.  Once this information is obtained and provided, the lender can qualify you for a loan amount cap with a pre-approval letter.  You will then want to look seriously at your budget to determine what amount up to that cap is comfortable and affordable.
  2.  What are your housing needs as an Albuquerque Home Buyer?  A good concept of where you want to live as an Albuquerque home buyer is fundamental.  Things like where you work or how much commute time you can justify should be considered.  What schools your children attend may be a top priority for some.  A walk score for many buyers is valuable, letting them know where nearby shopping, restaurants, places of worship, or a nearby park might be.  You can find much of that right here within our Albuquerque Homes search pages.
  3. Knowing how large of a home you need is also a key factor.  How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces are needed?  Is a one-story suitable, or would a two-story fit you better?  Garage space can be a high priority, outdoor living space, covered patios, or a swimming pool.  A trail system for walking or biking may be a priority (Albuquerque Interactive Bike Paths). Some may desire a community with an HOA “Homeowners Association,” others may not.  Take some time to think these things through, then jot down your “Wants/Needs” list.  This will be a great start to your efforts as an Albuquerque home buyer.

Your Albuquerque area home search.  We offer some great tools on our website to help you search for all Albuquerque area homes for sale.  Not interested in Albuquerque?  You can just as easily search Rio Rancho homes for sale and homes for sale in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, Placitas, and Bernalillo. Are you looking for a more mountain setting? You can search here for all East Mountain homes, Tijeras homes for sale, Cedar Crest, and even Sandia Park homes for sale.  For those looking for a more rural feel or Equestrian properties, you may want to view Corrales homes for sale.  Other locations include Peralta, Bosque Farms, or Los Lunas homes for sale. You can find any home for sale in the Albuquerque Metro area and Southwest MLS with accurate real-time results!

Let’s tour some homes together!   So, now you have that letter of pre-approval from a reputable lender, we have found some awesome homes you would like to see in person.  We will discuss and establish a suitable schedule; then, we’ll tour some great homes together. As an Albuquerque home buyer, the best way to develop a solid list of potential properties to consider is by seeing them in person with your REALTOR®. We welcome the opportunity to begin that conversation with you and view some beautiful homes together.

Ready to start the process? Call us at 505-980-4576 or use the contact form. We will get back to you at our next opportunity!