Do I Really Need a Virtual Tour in my Listing?

Do I Really Need a Virtual Tour in my Listing?

If you’ve kept up with the real estate world, then the term virtual tour is no stranger. The amount of sight unseen real estate purchases have definitely been higher than they were in 2019, however, many sellers have been left wondering if a virtual tour is truly needed in their online listing. While there are many different components and factors that could go into answering this question, ultimately, you can be successful with or without a virtual tour.

When choosing to forego the usage of a virtual tour, while you may still have a successful sale, you are also risking losing potential buyers. While some buyers are still comfortable with in-person tours, others are not. In addition, those moving from out of state or re-locating rely on information such as photos, floorplans, and even virtual tours when purchasing real estate. So, while you may still get offers from those who are purchasing homes with in-person tours, you may be missing out on other, potentially higher offers, from those who are still purchasing real estate sight unseen.

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By adding a virtual tour to your online listing, you are expanding the number of views and “tours” you will be receiving. Not only will your listing look more professional and appealing with the additional information and tours, but this allows for both those seeking in-person and strictly virtual tours to get a better feel for your home. Even with in-person tours, often you will have multiple tours with little to no offers, whereas by offering a virtual tour, most of the in-person tours that are scheduled will already have a high interest in the property due to the virtual tour they already saw.

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While for some, to include or to not include a virtual tour is apples and oranges when it comes to the big pictures. Ultimately it is your decision on whether you decide to include a virtual tour or not. Your agent will also be able to assist you with the decision as they have more knowledge of the current market trends and can advise on whether they feel the tour would be beneficial or not. In the grand scheme of things, it is generally always better to get more views and more tours when it comes to selling your home, and by including a virtual tour you are automatically setting yourself up for more viewers, and potentially more offers.

If you’re currently searching for a new home, whether with in person touring, or virtual, are looking to list your current property, or have any questions regarding the real estate within the Albuquerque real estate, or Rio Rancho homes area, please feel free to contact my office at any time.

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