5 Steps to an Easy Downsizing Move

5 Steps to an Easy Downsizing Move

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “downsizing” and we generally have a rough idea of what that means; creating a more minimalistic lifestyle with our personal possessions in order to live in a smaller home with less maintenance. There’s also a new term called “rightsizing” where is not necessarily downsizing but finding the right size home for your lifestyle and your need. This may mean downsizing or it could mean changing your home to be more conducive to your lifestyle. For instance, if you have an acre of land and a 1500 square-foot home, you may only want to alleviate the maintenance on the landscaping, not necessarily downsize the square footage on the house.

Whether you are downsizing the property or the house, there are a few ways you can make your downsizing method a lot easier and stress-free. Here are five easy steps to downsizing.

#1. Be strategic.

Start with the largest things such as furniture and large items that you know are not going to fit in the next house. This also goes for outside equipment as well. Are you moving into a condominium or townhouse where you won’t need your lawnmower and landscaping equipment anymore? Create a flowchart of the new home or at least your existing home so you know what rooms you might eliminate on the next house. For instance, if you have two family rooms and two dining areas, you may downsize to one so you won’t need multiple dining sets, couches, or accents that would typically go in the living room.

#2. Take inventory.

Downsizing typically means you’re moving into a smaller house so inevitably you’ll have to get rid of some things. Take inventory of what you have including all desks, chairs, bookshelves and bookcases, couches, beds, dressers, nightstands, and anything that takes up a footprint on the floor.

Next, take inventory of what you actually need. Will you be getting rid of a lot of books that sit on those shelves? Are you downsizing the number of bedrooms and will you need to get rid of bedroom furniture? Start by taking out the things that you are certain you won’t need, especially duplicate items.

#3. Start small.

The easiest way to overwhelm yourself during any type of move is to think of everything at once. Start with the most challenging parts of your house first such as closets, junk drawers, and rooms the have become a catchall. Start cleaning out one section or one room at a time and then move on to the next.

#4. Clear things out.

Once you have a good idea of how much space you’ll need in your new home create different piles that allow you to move, pack, or get rid of the items that have a definite future. For instance, make a throwaway pile, donate pile, sell pile, and take pile. Pack up everything you know you’re going to take in a box once you’ve cleaned that particular area or room, label it, and then disperse the rest.

#5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sometimes, finding someone that doesn’t have an emotional attachment to your items is the best way to clear out excess furnishings. Also, try to make downsizing as fast a process as you can. Lingering too much over whether or not you should get rid of an item typically means that you won’t get rid of it. Think ahead; will I regret getting rid of this item? If it holds nostalgic value, keep it in a safe place, but if it’s just taking up space, it’s time to move on.

I love helping people find the right property in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. This means “rightsizing” their home search. Let’s discuss what you really need in a new home. Do you need more space or less? More maintenance or less? Finding the right size home will not only ease a lot of the stress and overwhelming feelings of moving, but you’ll end up with a lot cleaner and clearer lifestyle overall.

I look forward to talking with you today about finding the perfect Albuquerque home or Rio Rancho real estate for your needs. Call me! Let’s check today.

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