Things Your Buyer Broker Does For You

Things Your Buyer Broker Does For YouYou need to know and understand the many things a buyer broker does for you throughout a real estate transaction. The entire process, from the beginning stages, including shopping for a mortgage and looking at houses through the offer and acceptance process, is complex. Then you have home inspections, the title search, negotiations of repairs, and the final closing.  Each step needs to be coordinated and implemented on time and within the confines of the purchase agreement.  Any misstep could disrupt the final closing or, worse, the contract’s termination.

Here are just a few things your buyer broker does for you

  • EDUCATE you on the many different facets of the entire home-buying process.
  • NAVIGATE the many different steps toward your final closing.
  • LOCATE trusted professionals for title work, financing, home inspections, etc.
  • ESTIMATE the cash you’ll need for the downpayment, closing cost, and monthly payments.
  • NEGOTIATE for you with the sellers, your lender, appraisers, and inspectors.
  • ANTICIPATE any things that could derail or postpone the transactions.
  • COLLABORATE with other professionals involved in the sale.
  • GENERATE checklists and dates of all the things that must be done to complete the transaction successfully.
  • ESTIMATE the critical timelines from the beginning through closing and possession.

These are just a few things your buyer broker does for you over the entire process and timeline of your purchase.  You will want a buyer broker and REALTOR® that is well organized, punctual, and attentive to details.  Here at Albuquerque Homes Realty, we understand the importance of representing our buyer clients with integrity, honesty, and accountability.  Consider our services as your buyer broker on your next real estate purchase.

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