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Why Use The Real Estate Pros:

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Why Use Albuquerque Homes Realty:

Our #1 real estate goal and priority is to help you achieve yours.  You need to sell your New Mexico home and we have the experience, knowledge and training to get it sold.  You want affective marketing; we excel with online presence, custom home books, magazine placement, email marketing and much more.  You want to stay in communication each step of the real estate process and we keep you informed of showing activity, feedback and marketing results.  You want a smooth transaction and our extensive training and attention to detail keeps your real estate transaction on track and closed on time.  We want you to be so completely satisfied with your NM selling experience that you would never keep us a secret!  We want to be your real estate consultants for life! 


How Will Albuquerque Homes Realty Market Your Home:

  • Preform A (CMA) Comparative Market Analysis 
  • Calculate your detailed Closing Costs and Net Out
  • Install an Albuquerque Homes Realty sign
  • Install a lock box to facilitate safe and easy showings
  • Enter full detailed property data on the (MLS) Southwest Multiple Listing Service.  Including a Virtual Tour of your home. 
  • Upload all property details, descriptions, many photos and YouTube to our www.AlbuquerqueHomes.com web site
  •  Upload all property detials, descriptions, photos and virtual slide show with sound on our sister site www.AlbuquerqueHomesForYou.com  
  • Upload all property details, descriptions, photos and virtual slide and or a YouTube to numerous other major real estate web sites.
  • Build a YouTube with sound track and details of the property then mass email to our extensive data base.
  • Notify other New Mexico Realtors via email about the listed property
  • Immediately contact showing agents for their clients feedback
  • Immediately share that feedback to you the seller
  • Email, call or text you on a regular basis with web traffic activity on your home
  • Schedule and coordinate all home inspections, appraisals and closing activities
  • Albuquerque Homes Realty is available to you for any questions or needs from our first meeting to closing and beyond.

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What is a CMA:

Albuquerque Homes Realty utilize state of the art computer technology to conduct a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) of your NM property.  This will inform you of what other buyers are paying for a home like yours in your area.  Albuquerque Homes Realty's goal is moving your property quickly and efficiently keeping you our clients interest front and foremost at all times.





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How Can A e-PRO Help Me?


What Is An e-PRO:

An e-PRO is a Realtor who has successfully completed the complex 

e-PRO course for real estate professionals.  The National Board of Realtors endorses this detailed course which teaches technical and professional etiquette for working with real estate customers and clients on-line.  This includes detailed web site service, email, on-line tools and up to the minute computer communications skills. 


REALTOR® John McCormack is an e-PRO agent and offers the latest Internet utilities, making your life much easier responding to your questions quickly but never sending you unwanted information. An e-PRO's skills saves you the seller valuable time and money while keeping your NM real estate business private.


We provide a valuable service emailing all new listings fitting your specific wants and needs to your inbox when a home becomes active on the MLS.  This gives both buyer and sellers the best opportunity to monitor the every changing real estate market and to compile a list of homes to go personally tour with your REALTOR® John McCormack .





 “Let Our Experience Be The Keys To Your New Home”

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell


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Clean!  Clean! 

Have the carpet shampooed; mop and shine the tile and wood floors, wash the walls, windows, blinds, drapes, baseboards and lighting fixtures.  Consider engaging a cleaning service recognizing that it is a justified moving expense.


Kitchen and Bathrooms:

These rooms should be gleaming.  Clear off counter tops and refrigerators.  Remove all magnets and artwork from refrigerator.  Leave your canisters and little else. Clean the stove, microwave and refrigerator. Maximize the available counter space. Organize the pantry, cabinets and drawers.  If unsightly, have the tub re-caulked and remove mineral (hard water) water deposits and grime from shower walls and glass. 


Primary Storage Areas: 

Like garage, it’s time has come to be liberated.  Remember, you can do it now and benefit with a more attractive home on the market, or you can do it several months from now, in the process of moving when there is no advantage.  Do it now.



Identify and repair dripping faucets, sticking or creaking doors and other unseen repairs.  When people see areas of disrepair they begin to wonder whether there may be outer unseen problems.  You will most likely have a professional home inspection when you receive an offer so you can fix it now or fix it when the inspector tells you to.  Do it now.



Clean out closets.  This is a great time to get rid of old clothing or shoes.  Organize your clothing and the shoes on the floor.  Remove all clutter from cabinets and closets. 



The less furniture, the larger a room will appear.  Fewer rugs are better. 


Light Appearance:

As a rule, do everything to lighten the appearance of the home.  Open the window blinds, open the drapes and use light colors if painting.  Repaint any room that is beginning to look shabby.  When you know your home is going to show leave ALL the lights on.  It is worth the few cents on the utility bill and may just bring you the buyer.  Make sure light fixtures have all bulbs installed and working.  It matters.  



Walk the property with a pad and pencil.  List anything that you think is less than satisfactory without regard to cost or time.  You can review the list afterwards to determine what you can and can not repair. 


The House:

Take a close look as you walk the property.  Clean anything that looks unkempt or dirty; repair or replace anything that looks loose, dingy, rusted or broken.  Replace a tired looking mail box; clean the exterior light fixtures and wash the windows.  Try to spot hanging or rusty gutters, crooked antenna, loose shingles or shutters.


The Yard:

Remove all weeds; trim the trees and shrubs and lay in ground cover. Mend the fence fix the latch. Pick up all yard litter.  Consider a professional lawn care service.


Outdoor Furniture:

Examine and spot paint your old furniture.  If it’s rusty or not repairable consider disposing of the pieces.


Front Entrance:

It’s the first thing your prospective buyers will see as they stand and wait for the door to open.  It’s worth the extra effort to spruce it up.  If the front door is dirty or faded this is a great time to repaint or wash it.  Make sure all dirt and trash is removed from the front door area.  A new bright and inviting rug at the front door is always a plus.


The Garage:

The time has come.  A good rule of thumb is discarding virtually everything in the garage that hasn’t been used for a year.  Wash it down, mop the garage floor. 


Think in terms of a home that is sparking clean, uncluttered and spacious!

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Preparing For A Showing


Homes tend to sell more quickly and for

higher prices when they show their best!


It’s very important that your home shows well.  We’re also aware that it can’t always be perfect.  After all and your family must live there, too.  Develop a routine that will allow you to pick up and be prepared to show in a reasonable amount period. Without duress….a 20 - 45 minute countdown, for example.  This means that certain things must be done in advance.  For example, beds should be made up first thing in the mornings and dirty dishes placed in dishwasher after used so that you needn’t rush around tending to thing matter at the last moment.  This way you can prepare for each showing in an organized un-hassled routine.


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Pick Up Every Room:

Check counters, floors, halls and stairs.  Straighten up or remove news papers, magazines, mail, toys, clothing, recreation gear, snack glasses, and dishes. 


Turn On All Lights:

Even those in closets and storage rooms.  Electric lights have an amazing capability for creating and illusion of lightness, airiness and largeness.


Open All Drapes, Shades And Blinds:

Do all that you can to create a bright and light ambiance. 


The Kitchen:

Be sure all counter-tops are clear and squeaky clean.  Wipe down all appliances.  Be sure all dishes are in the dishwasher or put away.  The sink should be clear and clean.  Take out the trash.


Clean Air:

Keep air fresheners of the same scent in all rooms including closets.  Be especially careful to keep kitchen odors fresh; coffee brewing is always a good idea or baking in the oven offers a lasting and inviting effect.


Music, Music, Music:

Perhaps you can’t have something baking in the oven every time, but soft, pleasant background music maybe be very effective.



A warm, cozy fire may be just the extra touch that turns a looker into a buyer.  In the summer months make sure wood burning fireplaces are cleaned out.   


Air Conditioning:

If the weather is warm and sultry, have the air conditioner operating.


The Bedrooms:

Make the beds up nice and neat.  Place throw pillows on the bed in neat fashion.  Pick up and place all things in there place.


The Bathrooms:

Keep a set of fresh, attractive towels in each bathroom that you can change instantly.  Keep dirty towels in hamper.  Sinks and counter should be clean and shiny.  Before the home shows flush and put down all toilet lids. 


The Entryway: 

It’s the first and last impression that your buyers will have of your home make it a good one!  Check it regularly for sharpness.


Prepare well for your showings!  Set the stage to make the best impression on each prospective buyer!


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Time For The Showing


Everything is going to be fine.  The agent has called in advanced and you have made your last minute preparations as indicated in “Preparing For A Showing”



This is a great time to run any errands you have.  Take a short drive or walk around the neighborhood with the kids and pets.   Normally buyers feel more at ease to really look when the seller is not home.  The other agent will be with them to answer all the questions and guide them through your home.



There is nothing more to do. Pick up a magazine while you are waiting.  Try to be understanding; the agent may be delayed several home showings scheduled and he or she may be a bit early or late.  It’s very hard to be perfectly precise.


The Dog:

Keep Fido away.  Pet lovers will be distracted by your fun pet.  For those who do not have pets, it may be bothersome.  Remember some are truly afraid of pets and many have allergies.


The Children:

This is a new experience for the kids.  Naturally they are excited, but they will disturb the professional flow of the showing, ask them to remain away from the showing agent and buyers.  It would be great if the kiddies could go outside or watch TV.


Ding Dong:

Answer the door as you would for any welcomed guest.  The agent will take care of the introductions.  If there is a situation that needs mentioning, perhaps a sick child in the second bedroom, do so now.  You may invite the agent to begin showing the home then you may excuse yourself.


Low Profile:

Discreetly remain away from the buyers.  As helpful as you wish to be, your presence will be intimidating.  They need to be able to discuss the home freely with one another.   The agent needs to lean from the buyers how they are responding to your home.  Your presence can limit that free communication.


What Should You Do:

Read a magazine, watch TV, take a walk or continue a chore.  Pick a room and settle down.  When they stop to preview that room, you may leave, but it is not necessary.  After all they don’t want to feel they are chasing you around the house.  If there’s a room that you should try not to in, it would be the kitchen since buyers, generally spend more time there as they evaluate appliances, counter space cabinets etc.


Conversing With The Buyers:

If you are asked a direct question about the neighborhood, schools, etc. by all means answer pleasantly.  However, avoid becoming engaged in a conversation.  Questions regarding terms of sale should be referred to the agent.  If the agent is a cooperating broker and does have the answers, advise him or her that I, your agent will contact him.



The listing sheet should clearly identify items that are included and exclude in the offered property.  Do not initiate conversations about other personal that you may be interested in negotiating.  It rarely is a deal clincher, but may be distracting, and besides, there will time to discuss this at the offer presentation time.


Let The “Pro” Work: 

As much as you love your home, don’t be tempted in to doing the agents job.  He or she has been working with the buyers and should know what is important to them. 


Feed Back:

We at Albuquerque Homes Realty always follow up via email or phone call with the showing realtor.  We ask for his or her feedback along with their clients feedback.  We then email or call you with the feedback information as soon as possible.


You’ve done all that you can. Now relax as we do our job.  We'll be calling you to say “We have an offer”!

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Sellers Closing Costs.

Know the in's and out's of closing your NM home. Closing costs and who pays those costs can vary substantially across the United States. Although many closing costs are completely negotiable local customs and trends often determine the standards. Below is a very general concept of normal closing costs paid by the seller on a conventional non-government type loan.  These figures are based on a median price range New Mexico home of $250,000.00.  Please note these are only estimates and examples; please contact us for a no obligation detailed analysis of your actual costs.

Sales Commission. Can vary depending on Real Estate Company, Agent and extent of marketing etc. We always recommend our complete marketing strategy for best impact and results. Our standard commission rate is 6%.  3% Listing Side and 3% Buyers Side.

Home Inspections. ($280-$325) These will vary depending on the company conducting the inspection, size of the home and if it is a mechanical only or inclusive structural inspection.

Home Warranty. ($300-$400) This can vary depending on the company, length of warranty (normally 1yr) and deductible paid per incident.

Termite/Dry Rot Inspections. ($70-$90) priced here as combined inspection. Most lending institutions require a termite inspection.

Other Inspections could be Radon, Septic System, Well and Equipment, Lead Paint, Pool, Spa etc.

Survey.($280-$230)  this figure is based on an ILR or Improvement Location Report.  Staked surveys are normally higher.

Escrow Closing Fees. ($375.00 +- $1.00 per $1,000 of sales price)   Closing is the final procedure in which documents are executed and/or recorded, and the sale or loan is completed.

Title Binder/Commitment. ($100) Order the initial search of title leading to the issuance of a policy of title insurance.

Owners Title Policy.  Varies by sales price. Insurance against loss resulting from defects of title to a specific property.

Special Assessment Search /Pro-Rata. ($100) Determines if there are any liens against the property by a public authority to pay costs of improvements

Recording Fees. ($30) Paid to the recorders office to make a document public record.

Appraisal. ($500+-) A written report containing opinion of value by an appraiser

Tax Service Fee. ($80)

Flood Certification Fee. ($30)

Pro-Rated Property Taxes. Varies depending on actual tax bill and close date.

Gross Receipt Taxes. Commission and all services including closing fees have sales tax attached.

Payoff.  Your mortgage payoff if any will be deducted from your final net-out at closing, any second mortgages will also be paid from your proceeds.

If you would like a no obligation detailed analysis of your possible closing costs and net out please contact Albuquerque Homes Realty.


Make Your NM Real Estate Transaction Easy Just Contact Us

Let Our Experience Be The Keys To Your New Home!


The information you provide us will NEVER be sold or given to any other entity. 

 The information is used soley to help us assist you.



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