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Albuquerque New Mexico is a great place to visit and even better place to live!  Great weather with 300 plus days of sunshine, activities for all ages to enjoy, fantastic food, and wonderful people!

Take a look at this compilation of Top Rankings for Albuquerque!

  • FunTuna June 2011 Albuquerque named in America's top sunniest cities 
  • American Style magazine June 2011 Albuquerque named 6th in top big city destinations
  • Movie Maker Magazine names Albuquerque #2 city for independent film making June 2011
  • Forbes Magazine April 2011 Albuquerque NM named in top 20 cities to retire
  • Trulia via ABC's Good Morning America September 16, 2010 Ranks Albuquerque at # 3 in top cities for home bargins and where to get the best real estate deals
  • Money Magazine - 2010 Rio Rancho NM Ranked in too 100 places to live
  • MovieMaker Magazine - 2010 Albuquerque #1 city for living, working and making movies.
  • Relocate America- Listed in the Top 10 "Recovery Cities in America" Read the full article here.   Relocate America/Albuquerque.
  • Parenting Magazine 2010 - Albuquerque NM named in 10 best cities for young families
  • The Peta Files Magazine 2010 -  Albuquerque named in the most Veg-Friendly cities in the USA
  • Mens Health Magazine 2010 - Ranked Albuquerque in top leanest cities in North America
  • American Lung Association 2010 -  Ranked Albuquerque in the top 25 cleanest cities year round for particle pollution levels.
  • American Style Magazine 2010 -  Ranked Albuquerque 7th for best large city arts
  • Yahoo Travel 2010 -  Albuquerque ranks in the best made over cities for visiting
  • BicyclingMagazine 2010 -  Ranks Albuquerque #17 in U.S. top 50 biking cities
  • Viability.com 2010 - Ranked Albuquerque #7 on the list of Surprisingly Great Food Cities
  • Business Travel News 2010 - Ranked Albuquerque #13 out of 100 least expensive destination for business travel
  • US News and Money Magazine September 2010 - Ranked Albuqueruqe #3 in places to buy a home for under $800 a month. 
  • U.S. News - Best Places to Live 2009 - Albuquerque ranked in the top 10 US areas with strong economies, low living cost, & plenty of fun things to do. June 2009
  • Kiplinger’s List #2 best city to live - Albuquerque NM offers budding film and solar industries to the city and New Mexioc's residents - May 2009
  • MSN Market Watch & Relocate America Ranked Albuquerque NM Among The Top 10 Cities To Live, June 2008
  • UNM Anderson School Ranked in Global 100- Aspen Institute, October 2007
  • Forbes Ranks Albuquerque NM #8 In Best Cities for Jobs - Forbes, October 2007
  • UNM Ranked Among Best - Hispanic Business, September 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Named 25th Among America's Hottest Job Markets - Washington Business Journal (Bizjournal), September 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Named Among the 50 Best Adventure Towns - National Geographic Magazine, September 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Named # 1 City for Climate Protection Program - U.S. Conference of Mayors, June 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Ranked #9 Among Cities for Most Educated Workforce - Business Facilities, June 2007
  • New Mexico Ranked #7 for Pro- Business Climate (#1 in the Southwest) - Business Facilities, June 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Ranked #2 Arts Destination- American-Style Magazine, June 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Named Among the Top 20 Metros for Nanoteck - Wilson Center's Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, May 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Named one of he Top Mid-size Cities for Doing Business - Inc.com. April 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Fittest City in the Nation, Men's Fitness, March 2007
  • Albuquerque NM One of America's 50 Hottest Cities - Expansion Management, February 2007
  • Albuquerque NM Named a Top 10 City for Movie Making - MovieMaker Magazine, Winter 2007
  • New Mexico Ranks 8th for Jobs in High-Tech fields- The 2007 State New Economy

Albuquerque New Mexico Rated in the Top 10 Places to Live: 

Albuquerque NM:   Albuquerue is the largest city in the state of New Mexico, United States. It is the county seat of Bernalillo County and is situated in the central part of the state, straddling the Rio Grande. The city population was 545,852 as of the 2010 Census and ranks as the 32nd-largest city in the U.S. As of June 2007, the city was the sixth fastest-growing in America. It has a metropolitan population of 907,775 as of 2011. Albuquerque is the 57th-largest United States metropolitan area. The Albuquerque MSA population includes the city of Rio Rancho. Roughly half the people in New Mexico live in the Albuquerque area.

Albuquerque is home to the University of New Mexico (UNM), Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratories, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, and Petroglyph National Monument, and is the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande. The Sandia Mountains run along the eastern side of Albuquerque, and the Rio Grande flows through the city, north to south.

Rio Rancho NM:  Is called the City of Vision and is a safe, family-friendly suburb of Albuquerque.  Rio Rancho is home to events like the annual Pork & Brew, a large BBQ festival and competition.  As Rio Rancho grows so does the list of  annual events it host. 

Rio Rancho NM has a new downtown area that is a developing hub for recreation and business. It currently houses City Hall and the Santa Ana Star Center, a sport and concert arena.  Albuquerque is proud to call Rio Rancho our Sister City ~

Thinking of relocating to Albuquerque,

Rio Rancho or surrounding NM areas?   

Come join us in our cities growth and comfortable high desert living!

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