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For Buyers
Avoid Common Buyer Errors
   Description: Some buyers, however, caught up in the excitement of buying a new home tend to overlook some items.
Buying Your First Home
   Description: Many renters are starting to think about purchasing a home of their own. This article covers this.
Improve Your Chances
   Description: A simple outline and strategy to improve your chances of getting an offer accepted.
Mortgage Application Checklist
   Description: A list of items you may be expected to provide when making a home loan application.
Questions For Your Lender
   Description: A list of important questions you will want answers to regarding a home mortage loan.
Financing Options
Getting the right home at the right price
   Description: This article helps you become a savvy buyer, by pointing out some of the pitfalls inherent in the ho
Luxury Ammenities. Do you need them?
   Description: Some pros and pons of buying and paying for luxury ammenites.
Home Buying Glossary
   Description: A glossary of commonly used words in the real estate and mortgage industry.
For Sellers
Common Selling Mistakes
   Description: Learn the top nine selling mistakes, and what steps you can take to avoid them.
Selling Your Homes
Surviving The Sale
The Right Selling Price
   Description: When you¿re selling your home, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you¿ll receive.
Benefits of Proper Pricing
Choosing your REALTOR ®
Make a Good First Impression
Moving Checklist
Buyers and Sellers
Know Your Closing
   Description: A complete outline of what to expect when you prepare to close escrow on your home.
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